Top 5 Tips to Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Top 5 Tips to Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Whether you’re having 12 girls in your bridal party or just your maid of honor, shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be stressful! With so many options from color to fabric to silhouettes, the task can seem overwhelming. But fear not, brides! We’ve collected our best tips for bridesmaid dress shopping so you can avoid the stress and enjoy some girl time!

  1. Color – So, first things first, pick a color palette! Whether you are leaning toward a dusty lavender vintage mood or a blush pink and navy traditional style, remember that your bridesmaid dresses should be in the same color tones as the rest of your wedding theme.
  2. Silhouettes – Is every girl wearing the same dress, or are you letting them pick their own dress in your chosen color(s)? If you are opting for the maids to pick out their own dresses, we strongly encourage you pick out the fabric and color(s) you want them to choose from or a specific designer for more consistency. Remember, no two bodies will look the same in one dress, so be sensitive to your friends insecurities and figures.
  3. Money– Be up front about the budget. Don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation with your ladies about what they can afford. You know from experience that weddings can get expensive very quickly, so understanding what your friends are comfortable paying will ease everyone’s stress levels.
  4. Sizing– Get professionally measured. Each designer uses a unique size chart, which vary from everyday clothing. In addition, different styles fit the body differently, so we stress the importance of having a professional measure your bridesmaids for a near perfect fit. Keep in mind, if anyone in your tribe is “combination sizing,” meaning their bust measures a different size than their hip, it is recommended to order based on the fuller measurement. In this instance, the expectation is that the dress would then need to be tailored to fit properly in the smaller areas. Lastly, extra length is recommended if anyone is taller than 5’7.” There is an additional charge for extra length and sizes 18 and over.
  5. Hazards of online shopping– Dresses look different in person than online! Shopping online can seem like the easy way out, but in reality, colors and fit look different online than they do in person. Know that you should always go for quality over quantity. Shopping in person at bridal stores is the best bet. This way, you can see what the dress will look like on your girls and how it will look next to your dress.

We encourage you to set up a bridesmaid appointment with a few ladies in your bridal party to view our collection, check out color options, and try on a few styles to narrow down the best look for your big day! We look forward to dressing your tribe! And remember, while making your bridal party happy is important, this is YOUR wedding and what you think and love matters the most! Your friends are there to stand by your side and encourage your marriage, no matter what they’re wearing. Happy shopping!


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